Frédéric Maillard (jan. 2015 – jan. 2017)

Frédéric Maillard is an engineer in Agricultural Techniques from ENESAD (Dijon, 1994).

From 1995 to 1997, he was in charge of logistic, experimentation, monitoring and advising in integrated pest management for FREDEC and farmers.

From 1997 to 2004, he worked in CTIFL of Balandran (30), as quality manager, controller in the fruit tree certification service and national coordinator in implementation of a healthy raspberry plants supply chain.

After a professional coaching training and a graduate master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he became an independent consultant and trainer in Nîmes from 2005 to 2014, helping very small company managers (decision support, economic development) and supervising practice analysis teams.

Since January 2015, he joined the ELSA – Social Team, as a research engineer in the UMR-ITAP of Irstea, within the ANR project DESIRABLE (Designing the Insect bioRefinery to contribute to a more sustainABLE agro-food-industry), evaluating and selecting best industry scenarios and contributing to Social Life Cycle Assessment.

Federica Silveri

Federica Silveri, born in 1989, obtained her master’s degree in “Business Administration” in March 2014, with a specialisation in Industrial Ecology at the University of Pescara (Italy). The purpose of her  PhD work is to set up a new theoretical model to anticipate damages to health of workers caused by psychosocial risk factors at work. It will take into account improvements resulting from positive psychosocial factors too. The methodology used is the construction of a cause-effect relation (pathway) between psychosocial factors of workplace and workers’ health.