Laurent Lardon (2008 – 2013)

Researcher, INRA-LBE, Narbonne.
Laurent Lardon is an agronomist, he obtained a PhD in process engineering from Montpellier SupAgro in 2004. Since he stayed one year in CEMAGREF (Montpellier) and two years in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since 2008 he is researcher in INRA-LBE, at Narbonne.
Its research field focuses on modelling and environmental assessment of pollution treatment and bioenergy production facilities. Its main inteserst is the propagation of uncertainty along the LCA procedure.
Themes : Life Cycle Assessment, Bioenergy, Uncertainty, Waste.

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Claudine Basset-Mens

Claudine Basset-Mens is an agronomist from Supagro, Montpellier (Master degree, 1997) and doctor in environmental sciences (PhD degree, 2005) from Agro-Campus Ouest school in Rennes, France.

With a 15 years experience at the interface between agriculture and environment, she conducted most of her research on the assessment of environmental impacts for food and farming systems in a wide range of situations (France, New-Zealand, French overseas departments, Morocco, Tunisia, West Africa…) and production systems (animal and crop production systems, horticultural systems). She is currently working in the Hortsys unit in CIRAD on the development and adaptation of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology (LCA) for horticultural production systems in the Tropics, including perennial fruit production systems and short-cycle vegetables production systems. Her main research focus covers: inclusion of variability, environmental fluxes modelling, uncertainty, modelling of perennial cycle within LCA and harmonization of methods and results comparability.

Topics: Life cycle assessment, fruits, perennial crops, short-cycle vegetables, tropics, fluxes, environment, variability, uncertainty, modelling.