François Dumoulin (2011 – 2014)

François Dumoulin is Master graduated in material engineering and environment from University of Technology of Troyes (UTT, 2010). After his Master thesis in eco-design for a railway supplier and a first experience as development engineer in a consulting agency, which supports projects of social economy, he joined the École des Mines, Alès, in September 2010 as research engineer for environmental assessment and eco-design. He gave lessons in LCA and eco-design until November 2011 before starting his PhD in December at CIRAD. His topic of research suggests to try answering a so far unanswered methodological question: how to estimate and assess potential environmental consequences of industrial ecology scenarios recycling locally organic residues in agriculture?

topics : environmental assessment, industrial  ecology, territorial ecology, recycling of organic residues, agriculture

Juliette Cerceau (2010-2013)

Coming from social sciences and graduated in environmental management (INSA de Lyon), Juliette Cerceau, 27 years old, started a PhD thesis at the Ecole des Mines d’Alès (EMA).
As a consultant in sustainable development within Auxilia (a French consulting agency), she participated actively to action-research projects dealing with industrial ecology (COMETHE, CONFLUENT, DEPART).
Since September 2010, she chose to take part in the improvement of both theory and methods in industrial ecology by fulfilling a thesis project on water metabolism in harbors. Her social sciences’ background allows her to study industrial ecology through the prism of game theory and change management.

Topics: industrial ecology, water, social sciences, social network analysis, multicriteria analysis