Sarah Audouin (2015)

Sarah Audouin is an agronomist from the Superior Institute of Agriculture in Lille (Master degree, 2009), specialized in tropical agronomy from Institut for Higher Education in Agri-food Industry and Rural Development (IRC) in Montpellier Supagro (2010) and doctor in geography in Paris 1 and in the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (PhD degree, 2014). Her PhD focuses on the interactions between innovation systems and rural territory in Burkina Faso, with two examples : cashew nut (as food product) and jatropha (as energy product). Her main area of expertise and ongoing research covers the integration of biomass energy in production spaces. She has recently been recruted in CIRAD in the BioWooEB research unit for the Syngas projet in the Reunion Island. The purpose of the projet is to produce electricty from crop or forest residues through gazeification. The main objective of her study is to analyze the biomass availabilty for energy-use, identify the related supply-chain and conduct an environmental assessment with LCA.

Philippe Roux

Philippe Roux, born in 1960, is a mechanical engineer and has a postgraduate degree in engineering processes. Research engineer in Irstea ITAP unit he is a designer, former head of Mechatronics laboratory in Cemagref Montpellier. During the last years, he has focused its activities on life cycle assessment and eco-design. He has a great experience on R&D involving industry and therefore he is the technological and eco-design specialist of the ELSA team. He participates in the scientific leadership of the European network PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research) for everything that concerns eco-technologies). Historically involved in applications such as forestry, biomass-bioenergy and phytosanitary treatments, it invests gradually issues related to water usages, wastewater management and territories approaches.

Topics: Life cycle assessment, environmental technologies, eco-design, wastewater management, bioenergy.

Laurent Lardon (2008 – 2013)

Researcher, INRA-LBE, Narbonne.
Laurent Lardon is an agronomist, he obtained a PhD in process engineering from Montpellier SupAgro in 2004. Since he stayed one year in CEMAGREF (Montpellier) and two years in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since 2008 he is researcher in INRA-LBE, at Narbonne.
Its research field focuses on modelling and environmental assessment of pollution treatment and bioenergy production facilities. Its main inteserst is the propagation of uncertainty along the LCA procedure.
Themes : Life Cycle Assessment, Bioenergy, Uncertainty, Waste.

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Anthony Benoist

Anthony Benoist is a PhD in Energetics from Ecole des Mines ParisTech (2009). He has also a French diploma of General Engineering and a Master’s degree in Process engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris (2006).

He works since 2010 as a researcher on environmental assessment on a life cycle basis of bioenergy chains, in tropical regions, in the Bioenergy unit of CIRAD, Montpellier. His activities are mainly focused on vegetable oil (for local production of electricity for instance) and wood for energy purposes (carbonization, gasification, pyrolysis, etc).

Topics: Life cycle assessment, bioenergy, oil crops, ligno-cellulosic feedstocks, land-use changes.

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