Juliette Langlois (2010-2013)

Juliette Langlois is an agronomist graduated from Montpellier SupAgro (2009). She is currently pursuing a PhD on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of production system of bioenergy from saeweed cultivated in open ocean (WinSeaFuel project). Her research deals with the modelisation of the land use impact on the ecosystems.

Topics : Life Cycle Assessment, macroalgae, anaerobic digestion, marine biodiversity.

E-mail: langlois#supagro.inra.fr

CV J. Langlois

Pierre Collet (2009 – 2012)

Pierre Collet is graduated from the Montpellier National School of Agronomy, and specialised in water, cultivated lands and environment management. He follows a PhD thesis since february 2009 in in the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology on the environmental assessment of production of biogas from microalgae, within the ANR project “Symbiose”. One of the main objective of this PhD is the integration of temporal dynamics in LCA.

Topics: Life cycle assessment, microalgae, anaerobic digestion, dynamical modelling


Arnaud Hélias

Arnaud Hélias is an agronomist (Master’s degree, 2000) and a PhD (2003) in process engineering from Montpellier SupAgro.

After a research engineer position INRA (2004-2007) in food processing, he is now associate professor at  Montpellier SupAgro since 2008. His teachings are dedicated to ecotechnology, with a focus on environmental assessment, which are mainly carried out by life cycle assessment approaches. His research activities are performed in the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology. He is the Elsa group leader since 2014.

Topics: Ecodesign, Training, Life cycle assessment, microalgae, seaweed, anaerobic digestion, dynamical modelling, inventory.