Philippe Roux

Philippe Roux, born in 1960, is a mechanical engineer and has a postgraduate degree in engineering processes. Research engineer in Irstea ITAP unit he is a designer, former head of Mechatronics laboratory in Cemagref Montpellier. During the last years, he has focused its activities on life cycle assessment and eco-design. He has a great experience on R&D involving industry and therefore he is the technological and eco-design specialist of the ELSA team. He participates in the scientific leadership of the European network PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research) for everything that concerns eco-technologies). Historically involved in applications such as forestry, biomass-bioenergy and phytosanitary treatments, it invests gradually issues related to water usages, wastewater management and territories approaches.

Topics: Life cycle assessment, environmental technologies, eco-design, wastewater management, bioenergy.