Nicolas Rogy

Nicolas Rogy is a PhD student of the Elsa team of INRAE. He is a process engineer, graduated from Polytechnique Montreal (Canada) and from Chimie ParisTech (France). His thesis topic consists in the development of methods to take into account environmental feedbacks (e.g. climate change, water resources depletion) on human activities, in the methodology of territorial LCA. The developments of the thesis are applied to irrigated perimeters.

Karine Dufossé (Since March 2022 – present)

Since March 2022, Karine Dufossé is a research engineer in the ELSA team of the UMR ITAP at INRAE. She is currently working on the European project MULTISOURCE (evaluation of nature-based solutions for urban water treatment,, with the use of life cycle assessments (LCA) at the scale of technologies and then of the territory; and soon on the CALALOU project (evaluation of local agriculture in Guadeloupean food and nutrition

She holds a PhD in environmental sciences (2013) from AgroParisTech, in connection with the UMR Ecosys at INRAE Grignon, with a focus on the environmental assessment of lignocellulosic biomass crops for the production of 2nd generation biofuels, with field experience in GHG measurement and mathematical modelling, with a particular focus on N2O emissions, for their integration in crop LCAs. Interested in the modelling of agricultural ecosystems, she also carried out a PostDoc, also in the UMR Ecosys, on dynamic and spatialized cadastres of ammonia (NH3) emissions linked to nitrogen fertilization in France (ADEME Amp’Air and PolQA projects).

Karine graduated as a general engineer from INSA Rouen (2010), with a specialisation in industrial and environmental risk management, and holds a Master of Science in Land and Natural Resources Management from Cranfield University (UK) (2010). She was a contract employee at AgroParisTech (2014) and then a teacher-researcher at UniLaSalle Rennes, on the theme of environmental assessments from 2018 to 2022.

The themes of this research are: environmental assessment, LCA, GHG, agriculture, nature-based solutions.

Amandine Pastor

Amandine Pastor is a researcher at INRAE and works on the integration of ecosystem services and spatial dimensions of water and carbon in life cycle assessment. Previously, she worked at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon in the framework of the H2020 LOCOMOTION project aiming at integrating water and soil dynamics in an integrated assessment model based on renewable energy use.
She is an agricultural engineer and holds a PhD in hydrology from Wageningen University (Netherlands). She has worked on the impact of global change on water resources and the different trade-offs between environmental flows and food security. She is specialized in earth system modelling, climate change and ecosystem services. She also has field experience in sustainable agriculture and soil and water conservation projects in Europe and overseas.

Topic: Land use, environmental flows, life cycle assessment, ecosystem services, earth system model, climate change

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