About lucie.lemagnen@irstea.fr

Lucie LEMAGNEN (novembre 2014-novembre 2017) Après des études européennes, Lucie LEMAGNEN s'est spécialisée dans la gestion de projets multi-partenariaux au service de l'innovation (Fond Structurel Européen) et dans la conduite d'études, dans différents secteurs (développement durable, formation, recherche). Elle a intégré l'équipe ELSA en 2014 pour gérer le projet de Chaire Industrielle Elsa-Pact, dans ses aspects communication, administratif et financier, pour une durée de 3 ans.


Yves GERAND (Dec. 2011-Apr. 2014/Nov. 2015-Feb. 2016)

Yves holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry (National Graduate School of Chemistry (ENSCM), Montpellier, France) and is specialized in “Green Chemistry” (joint curriculum between the ENSCM and Montpellier SupAgro).

In 2011, after a master’s thesis in LCA at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Yves chose to join the ELSA team as a researcher at Irstea, in charge of the environmental assessment tasks of the Novinpak and Pomewiso projects. At the end of this mission, he took part in the organization of the Industrial Chair ELSA-PACT kick-off day in 2014 before joining the Refining and Chemicals branch of Total, La Défense, Paris.

At the end of this contract, he came back to the ELSA team in November 2015, this time working for the LBE. He is currently dealing with environmental assessment of algae-based processes (wastewater treatment, digestion…)


Topics:  Environmental Assessment, Life cycle assessment, Agro-bio-processes, wastewater treatment, algae, refining, polymers